Chessboxing arrives in London

Gesegnet sei unser Bruder auf dem Insel!
Willkommen in der Familie.

Hier folgt die offizielle Pressemitteilung:

ChessBoxing Arrives! 5 April 2008
The UK’s first ChessBoxing club is to open in London on 5 April 2008. ChessBoxing is the world’s newest combination sport, supported by former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis, requiring proficiency in Chess and Boxing. Opponents square off across the chessboard and in the ring, aiming to win by checkmate or knock-out. The Great Britain ChessBoxing Organisation, founded in January 2008 is affiliated to the World ChessBoxing Organisation based in Berlin.

The opening of the UK’s first club will be attended by WCBO founder Iepe Rubingh. He commented: “ChessBoxing has seized the imagination of thousands of people following a series of events and championships in Amsterdam, Cologne, Berlin, Munich, Tokyo and Nantes. We get lots of people travelling from the UK to our events, now is the perfect time for ChessBoxing to take off in Britain.

”The Great Britain ChessBoxing Organisation plans to use the London club to recruit and train the first generation of UK-based ChessBoxers and stage a series of ChessBoxing events throughout the Summer. GBCBO founder Tim Woolgar says: “This is an exciting new sport with huge potential. It’s a fascinating blend of brains, brawn and skill. It’s great fun and makes compelling viewing as well.

”The recent world heavyweight championship bout in Germany, won by Berliner Frank “Anti Terror” Stoldt, attracted a massive crowd and was covered by the world’s media. Says Mr Woolgar: “I’m determined to find a championship contender and put ChessBoxing firmly on the map in the UK. We’re currently seeking a suitable sponsor to help us make it happen.

”The GBCBO’s first club is opening in partnership with Left-Hook Ltd, who run the renowned Islington Boxing Club. Chess equipment is supplied by Shropshire-based Chessmaze International.

Media Launch Details:
GBCBO at Islington Boxing ClubAddress: 20 Hazelville Road, London N19 3LP
Date: 5 April 2008
Time: 10 AM to 11.30AM
Photographs: available on request

Contact: Tim Woolgar tim.woolgar(at)

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